So here we are…….

The original vessel we were were purchasing, strange events. The night before we were going to visit and confirm the payment, I received a phone call from the owner. She asked if I could pay her cash for the boat. We had already discussed this and I said it was not possible… a bank transfer was being set up and to get a hundred thousand pounds in cash was not possibe.

She asked me again, and I once more pointed out that I could not do that. She then said the sale would not go ahead!

Obviously I was disappointed. However there was nothing I could do so moved on to finding another vessel. I did locate one but again, due to circumstances, it didnt work out.

Finally, I looked at a vessel that was a little more money, practically new and covered all my requirements, and did a deal yesterday. Hopefully, on Monday we will arrange the financial transaction, the river licence and also the insurance.

We will be refurnishing the lounge for a comfortable teaching environment and putting in a central Wif Fi point so that all participants will be able to get the teaching material on their computers.

We have a constant hot water dispenser and water chiller with filtered water for refreshments, along with a fridge for other bevarages… snacks will be provided.

We have a small bedroom for a student coming for the IHM 4 day intensive for inclusion on the Register. We will be refurbishing this room too…

This will be Free of charge, and a small amount will be charged for food which will be available 24/7 for them.

Its a nice vessel. The rear deck is Euro style with wrap around seating, a cover for the weather and lovely to sit out and drink beverages and enjoy nature.

Will tell more when the deal is done and we can move ahead…

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