So here we are…….

The original vessel we were were purchasing, strange events. The night before we were going to visit and confirm the payment, I received a phone call from the owner. She asked if I could pay her cash for the boat. We had already discussed this and I said it was not possible… a bank transfer was being set up and to get a hundred thousand pounds in cash was not possibe.

She asked me again, and I once more pointed out that I could not do that. She then said the sale would not go ahead!

Obviously I was disappointed. However there was nothing I could do so moved on to finding another vessel. I did locate one but again, due to circumstances, it didnt work out.

Finally, I looked at a vessel that was a little more money, practically new and covered all my requirements, and did a deal yesterday. Hopefully, on Monday we will arrange the financial transaction, the river licence and also the insurance.

We will be refurnishing the lounge for a comfortable teaching environment and putting in a central Wif Fi point so that all participants will be able to get the teaching material on their computers.

We have a constant hot water dispenser and water chiller with filtered water for refreshments, along with a fridge for other bevarages… snacks will be provided.

We have a small bedroom for a student coming for the IHM 4 day intensive for inclusion on the Register. We will be refurbishing this room too…

This will be Free of charge, and a small amount will be charged for food which will be available 24/7 for them.

Its a nice vessel. The rear deck is Euro style with wrap around seating, a cover for the weather and lovely to sit out and drink beverages and enjoy nature.

Will tell more when the deal is done and we can move ahead…

The aim of the IHM and its international affiliates.

Given the current situation of the Political attitude towards non-mainstream medicine,  which ignores a large percentage of the population in the United Kingdom who want to utilise homoeopathic medicine and other modalities in their health care, the following Associations have united to offer to the public a unique low cost solution to attaining professional help via consultations and seminars.


The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine established in 1986 is a research organisation dedicated to the methodology and practice of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy without recourse to non homoeopathic methods in use today.  All the members of the international Register of the IHM have been trained to a high standard and are either medical doctors who practice homoeopathy solely, or are highly trained professionals who went through an intensive training with various organisations and then had to pass the IHM procedures.

thailand logo collegeThe College of integrative medicine in Bangkok Thailand is associated with the international IHM and uses the IHM homoeopathic teaching curriculum for their Masters degree course, is intensely supportive for the advancement of proper teaching of homoeopathy.


As you can see, the canal network stretches from London to the West, Bristol, and from London to Oxford, to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and up to and in Yorkshire and lots of other places to the East. It is our aim to plan routes in line with Seminars and group teaching and running a clinic and then head off in another direction to do the same. We aim to cover the entire network.

We can moor up either in or close to the inner parts of town or cities, or near to a rail and bus network for easy access.

We have a list of Seminar topics for professional Homoeopaths which can be catered for the seminar attendees. The teacher/teachers have had a minimum of 30 years experience gained in practice in diverse places as the UK., Spain, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Thailand, Ireland, Taiwan etc, with much clinical practice and thousands of patients.

laptop2The Polony and Weaver OpenRep Synopsis computer software containing the 1846 Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book, corrected and updated. along with the Repertory in book edition will be available for seminar attendees at a substantial discount.tpbpw

The Program can also be operated on a memory stick on any windows computer.sticksmall